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GLOVE GRIPPAZ® BY JUBA® - 580OR GRIPPAZ. Box of 50 units.

"GRIPPAZ" Ambidextrous, scaled, powder-free nitrile disposable glove.


  • World-wide patented flake design that allows for a greater contact surface, thus offering greater grip in wet and oily conditions, superior to a diamond finish.

  • Textured area inside the thumb that offers a better grip.

  • Thicker than a traditional disposable glove so it provides greater resistance to elongation and tearing, making it a very durable glove.

  • Nitrile provides greater durability, elasticity and resistance to perforation, in addition it adapts thermally to the hand for a perfect fit.

  • Ambidextrous.

  • Textured on the outside to maximize grip and textured on the inside to avoid displacement by perspiration.

  • Suitable for people allergic to latex.

  • Suitable for food use.

  • For virus protection, the glove passes ISO 16604, test method B. (EN ISO 374-5: VIRUS).

  • This glove protects against the following chemicals: n-Heptane (level 3,> 60 minutes), Sodium Hydroxide 40% (level 6,> 480 minutes), Hydrogen Peroxide 30% (level 3,> 60 minutes) and Formaldehyde 37 % (level 5,> 240 minutes).

  • Available in bags of 10 units (Ref. B580OR).


  • Galvanized

  • Light mounts

  • Vehicle maintenance

  • Agriculture and horticulture

  • Industrial cleaning and maintenance

  • Food industry

  • Food processing

  • Tattooists (580NR)

  • Hairdressers