Security and tranquility for our workers and clients through the use of OZONE generators during the work to be carried out inside homes, premises, offices and other closed spaces.

  • Emergency Electrician

  We want to communicate to our clients that we have decided to implement the use of OZONE generators (suitable for use with people) in all works carried out in closed areas, homes, offices, premises, etc., to guarantee greater security and tranquility between both parties. Of course, we will be protected with the necessary protections as recommended by health agencies.

What does it mean? Well, while we are working, we will keep our OZONE generator on continuously, in order to minimize the risk of any type of contagion and in turn we will be disinfecting the work area. (We will start with its use in the month of May / 2020).

Sale and assembly of OZONE generators for homes, businesses and common areas in communities of owners.

What is OZONE ?

Ozone (O3) is a substance whose molecule is composed of three oxygen atoms, formed by dissociating the 2 atoms that make up oxygen gas. Each released oxygen atom binds to another oxygen molecule (O2), forming Ozone (O3) molecules.

When this effect occurs, one of the three oxygen atoms is released, which is very unstable and actively reacts destroying bad odors and breaking the cell membrane of microorganisms (bacteria, viruses, fungi, etc.), there being none that is able to resist.

Oxygen is present in atmospheric air in a proportion of 21%.
The oxygen molecule has 2 oxygen atoms.

Our equipment generates a high voltage discharge that breaks the oxygen molecule, altering its structure.

The ozone molecule is formed that has 3 oxygen atoms.
This ozone is released into the air or environment to be treated.

Ozone is very unstable and the third atom detaches from the molecule.
Destroying all microorganisms and eliminating any odor.

The only residual left in the environment is oxygen.